Successful rehab programs have certain common traits: practices and techniques that directly and positively promote a positive outcome.  Surprisingly, these effective program elements are not dependent on a price tag, as they can be found in rehab programs of in a wide range of price points.  Becoming aware of these features aids in the process of selecting the most effective program for you or your loved one.

We live in a digital era where reviews and testimonials about any given business are readily available.  While there are always going to be dissatisfied clients here or there, the reviews on an addiction treatment program and see overwhelmingly positive reviews that is a good sign that the rehab is doing something right.  These programs graduate happy clients because the program was well-planned from a clinical standpoint, well-managed, and treated its clients respectfully.  

Top Rehab Programs are Well Planned

There is a certain art to creating an effective addiction treatment program.  In the planning stages a mission statement is created with a subsequent blueprint then drawn up to detail the steps to make that mission come to fruition.  Input from key players—clinical therapists, physicians, recovery experts, and wellness coaches—is gathered and synthesized until a quality, balanced program emerges.

Evidence-based treatment practices are common among top rated and most successful rehab programs.  This means that the components of the program used are those with proven track records, well researched and scientifically studied, that can be applied in clinical practice.  These evidence-based practices can include which type of psychotherapy is most effective, the importance of group therapy, which medications for treating addiction are most effective, and which holistic therapies enhance a sustained recovery.  Successful programs offer individualized, often multimodal care, and update their approaches as new proven methods appear on the clinical scene.

The Best Rehab Programs are Well Managed

No one benefits from chaos, and especially someone in treatment for substance use and mental health disorders.  A top rehab will be managed professionally, not haphazardly.  The quality treatment program will be extremely well thought out and scheduled, with one component smoothly following the last.  Departments will work in tandem with one another and communication between them is ongoing and constructive.

Turnover is high in the addiction and recovery field, so recruiting and hiring of staff should be a methodical and thorough process as to minimize turnover, thereby improving overall care.  Effort should be made to create a positive and professional environment, as the lack of this will be evident to clients and their families.  A successful rehab program runs smoothly and that translates to a calm, therapeutic vibe that is conducive to healing.

The Top Rehab Programs Treat Clients with Respect

When someone enters a drug or alcohol treatment program they are at the lowest point in their life.  Not only have many of these clients hit bottom but they are fearful of what lies ahead for them.  They are broken, scared, and filled with guilt, shame, and remorse. However, these hurting individuals are human beings complete with hearts and souls.  Most successful rehab programs recognize the client’s need to be treated with respect and compassion.

The best rehab programs place a high importance on respect.  Respect should be expected to go both ways, both the client and the clinician deserve to be treated respectfully, which in turn develops bonds of trust.  Trust can lead to important breakthroughs in the treatment of not only the addiction but in identifying core issues that drove the addiction.  Respect leads to trust, which leads to recovery.

Ranch Creek Recovery Offers a Well Planned, Well Managed, Respectful Program

All the important elements of a successful rehab program are found at Ranch Creek Recovery, located at a private estate in the serene hills above Temecula, California.  Using evidence-based programs combined with therapeutic holistic activities, RCR provides the highest level of respectful care.  For more information about the program, please call us today at (877) 997-8931.