Drug Rehab Centers in San Diego

The decision to begin an inpatient or residential treatment program is the first step in the recovery process for substance abuse. You’ll have a much better chance at successfully achieving long-term sobriety rather risking a possible relapse. Many drug rehab centers in San Diego, like Ranch Creek Recovery offer 24/7 individualized care and attention to clients in relaxed, peaceful settings. This provides you with ample time to focus 100 percent on your healing from addiction without any distractions, which can trigger a relapse.


Support within Your Reach

At an inpatient treatment facility, you’ll have medical professionals, counselors and other trained personnel available to assist you through the recovery process at any time of the day. When you first start the program, you will meet with counselors who will determine the right treatment plan for you to achieve the best possible results. Your treatment plan may include a variety of traditional, alternative or holistic therapy.

Psychological and Emotional Healing

During your program, you can bond with other residents of the facility who may have had similar experiences as yours. The opportunity to offer support and receive support from others is very beneficial to your emotional and psychological healing. When you place yourself in a supportive environment, it can boost your confidence levels and motivation to continue with your addiction treatment program. Your individualized plan will be designed to help you tap into your personal healing power and reclaim your life.

Drug Rehab

There are a variety of treatment options available at a San Diego alcohol rehab facility for substance addictions. When you enroll in your residential treatment facility, the staff will design a program that is advantageous for drug addictions. Detoxification is often required if you have a physical dependence to the drug. This process will be closely monitored by physicians to control any possible withdrawal symptoms.

30, 60 or 90-day Stay

Your addiction treatment plan will be designed to ensure long-term recovery from your addiction. Depending on the severity of your condition, your stay may be as short as 30 days or as long as 90 days. The addiction treatment team will monitor your progress to make sure that you’re reaching the expected milestones during recovery. As you move forward with the treatment process, you’ll meet with counselors and medical professionals so that they can assess the effectiveness of your individualized plan.


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