Your loved one is battling addiction and you’re at the end of your rope. Enough is enough. This isn’t the life your loved one was meant to live. It’s time to take real action.

Perhaps your loved one has already completed addiction rehab at an in-state treatment facility. Maybe they relapsed. Or, it could be that your loved one has never received addiction treatment. No matter the support your loved one has or has not received thus far, you know they need more help – a different type of addiction rehab – which has you considering out-of-state rehab centers.

Without question, out-of-state rehab centers emanate a sense of new beginnings. Here are six reasons why out-of-state rehab centers can help your loved one tackle their addiction head-on and take back control of their life once and for all.

1. Negative Influences are Removed

For addicts, addiction triggers – which are anything or anyone that sparks the desire to engage in addictive behavior – derail progress.

When an addict is removed from familiar – albeit tempting and distracting – environments and situations, they can focus on the task at hand: recovery and life-long sobriety. Being miles and states away from alluring traps can help your loved one’s mind recalibrate and focus on getting better without interruption and relapse.

2. Physical Separation Drives Commitment to Become Sober

Conquering addiction is incredibly hard work, and most addicts want to throw in the towel several times throughout their addiction treatment. For addicts who seek recovery at an out-of-state rehab facility, calling it quits and going home isn’t that easy when one considers the investment made and travel expense home.

For some individuals, the physical separation usually plays a big role in encouraging them to stick it out and overcome their addiction. This could be the same for your loved one.

3. A Relatable, Sober, Supportive Community

Who your loved one surrounds themselves with matters. This goes back to addiction triggers. If there are people or relationships in your loved one’s life that help fuel their addiction, those influences must be removed for your loved one to have a real shot at recovery.

At an out-of-state rehab center, your loved one will immerse in a community of other recovering addicts. These individuals will know exactly what your loved one is going through and share the same drive and goals. Since peer support can lend increased motivation to achieve sobriety, your loved one will be surrounded by supportive individuals.

4. A Tranquil Environment

Serene, secluded, and often resort-like, out-of-state rehab centers are built to offer recovering addicts the most advantageous environment in which to heal. Traveling out-of-state to receive rehab allows an addict to step away from a well-known, chaotic environment and into a quiet, peaceful new world.

5. Invaluable Time to Focus & Soul Search

Since a major purpose of out-of-state rehab centers is to encourage disengagement with an addict’s addictive life, time spent at a rehabilitation and recovery facility forces addicts to think about:

  • How the addiction started
  • Why the addiction started
  • The negative influences and triggers that encouraged the addiction to continue
  • The loved ones they’ve hurt
  • Why they want to get sober
  • How they can turn their life around

6. Privacy

Going the distance for rehab can ensure confidentiality. No one will know your loved one at an out-of-state rehab facility, and when your loved one returns home, they can forge their new life without worrying about who knows they received addiction treatment.

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