How many times have you felt hopeless, lost or defeated? Like a person wandering the desert
with no specific course and a dwindling water supply. As an alcoholic, you want to move toward sobriety, but temptations always seem to set you back no matter how hard you try to fight the cravings.

Living with an alcohol disorder can be an overwhelming experience. Alcoholism forces you to perpetuate the disease regardless of how many times it has negatively impacted your life or instigated maladaptive behavioral patterns. When you’ve decided enough is enough and you’re ready to bid farewell to the bottle, the blackouts and the hangovers, it’s imperative to embark on the journey of sustained sobriety with a strong support system and constructive people in your life.

Should I Go to AA?

For most individuals struggling with an addiction, finding positive peers within the community can prove
to be a difficult task. This is because so much effort has been made to establish negative affiliations that will support addictive behavioral patterns and excessive alcohol abuse.

Learning to identify positive environments in which sober peers can be found takes time and effort. Well-known social supports and sober networks in your community are great groups and organizations to look into.

Joining an established network, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), will enable you to begin your journey toward sobriety within a safe and proven therapeutic environment.

Arguably one of the most common questions alcohol addicts ask themselves is: “Should I go to AA?” Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most widely-known, community-based interventions for alcoholism. By committing to regularly attending AA meetings, you will:

  • Enter free, open sharing sessions where everyone is encouraged to discuss personal issues, struggles, worries and concerns
  • Be in the presence of other individuals who share a common desire to stop drinking
  • Receive genuine support and motivation from peers to recover from alcoholism

Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

To help you reach a decision, read the top benefits of joining Alcoholics Anonymous and how this commitment can directly impact your chances of sustained sobriety.

1. There is Safety in Numbers

Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-established support system that has survived for 83 years due to its ability to hold true to its core beliefs and relate to generations of people dealing with addiction.

Aligning yourself with AA, or an addiction facility that delivers treatment for alcoholism, reinforces your efforts toward sobriety. Through AA, you will be surrounded with time-tested teachings and large numbers of individuals experiencing the same hardships as you.

A fundamental concept associated with Alcoholics Anonymous is choosing a sponsor to guide you
throughout the extent of the program. This type of built-in accountability ensures you understand the intricacies of the program and empowers you to immediately begin establishing your sober support network.

2. Idle Hands Make Fretful Minds

While the origins of this saying can be found in a number of locations, the overall concept remains the same: Staying busy is the most effective way to stay out of trouble.

When dealing with an addiction to alcohol, having too much free time can easily lead to addictive behaviors and negative decision patterns. Attending local AA meetings will provide you a refuge to turn to when facing emotional instability, relapse proclivities and tumultuous times.

Knowing that the individuals attending AA meetings have endured the same temptations and faced similar struggles creates a unique environment of personal empathy that decreases the feelings of judgment and isolation.

3. Individually We are a Drop; Together We are an Ocean

The primary concept of AA is to enable its members to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. For a majority of people struggling with alcoholism, feeling isolated and ostracized can often lead them deeper down the hole of addiction.

Feeling a part of something bigger can provide you with an increased sense of purpose and meaning. By aligning yourself with an establishment such as AA or an addiction treatment facility, you will be challenged to not only achieve your own sober goals, but also to aid other addicts in their journey, as well.

The feeling of increased community reinforces that newfound sense of social accountability associated with group-based therapy and decreases the likelihood of relapse.

Additional Thoughts on Joining Alcoholic Anonymous

The positive benefits of joining Alcoholics Anonymous extends beyond personal sobriety and a proven community-based social support.

Alcoholics Anonymous and addiction treatment programs provide an opportunity to achieve a deeper sense of purpose within a bustling world and an ever-present refuge to turn to in your darkest hour.

Having a readily available therapeutic environment that will accept you with open arms no matter the mistakes you’ve made is an invaluable asset. Being able to attain empathetic solidarity and applicable perspective from both former and current addicts should be embraced by anyone seriously attempting to achieve sustained sobriety.

Daily life is wrought with negative emotional triggers and judgmental perspectives. Alcoholics Anonymous personifies empathetic objectivity and is an instrumental tool that every addict should embrace when attempting to achieve long-term abstinence.

Life-Changing Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention at Ranch Creek Recovery

Alcohol has no power over you. Your new life starts the moment you declare you have complete control
over your actions, health and future.

If you have tried AA and need a more holistic, individualized addiction treatment approach, Ranch Creek Recovery can help.

We provide holistic, non-12-step alcohol recovery treatment that delivers personalized and long-lasting care. Additionally, we give you the tools to identify and manage your specific addiction triggers, so you can enter your sober life with confidence and control.

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