Beginning treatment for a substance use disorder is a difficult choice to make. Being able to confront addiction and admit that clinical assistance is needed is, at times, the toughest part of the recovery journey. After all, it requires that your loved one admit they have lost control of that portion of their life. This honesty can make them feel embarrassed or ashamed.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we see this portion of your loved one’s recovery journey differently. The courage and strength required to face the disease of addiction and not back down is not something to feel ashamed about; rather, it is the first step towards healing and something to celebrate.

This is why choosing a peaceful and tranquil environment for treatment is so important. A place like Murrieta, CA offers your loved one the opportunity to heal their mind, body and spirit from addiction.

Why Addiction Treatment in Murrieta, CA?

If your loved one could begin their recovery journey in an area that offered incredible national parks, beautiful beaches and sweeping wildflower fields, why would they choose to go anywhere else?

In Murrieta, CA, the pristine landscapes and incredible weather offers a unique treatment experience unlike anywhere else in the country. While the benefits of attending residential treatment in Murrieta can seem endless, here are a few examples of what they can expect to experience in Southern California.

  • The Weather is Absolutely Gorgeous
    Temperatures typically hit their peak at around 85 degrees come August, and the winters are known to be fairly mild. The great thing is there’s an abundance of sun all year round, with only the occasional rainy day. Sure, there are some days where the wind kicks up or a storm blows through, but that’s a small price to pay to live in paradise.
  • You Can Truly Get Away from the Chaos of the City
    Being able to get away from all the racket and seek out a quiet place to let the mind calm is key during recovery. Murrieta provides that opportunity with a tranquil social setting and plenty of space to get away from the city. Also, with the various national parks and hiking trails nearby, your loved one will always be able to find a place to turn off the noise and center their chi.
  • Take in the Stars
    Making the decision to go outside of the city and into an area like Murrieta means your loved one is getting away from distracting ambient lights. This allows your loved one to bask in the beauty of bright nighttime stars that can help remind them of how small their problems really are when they’re staring at the vast universe in which we all live.
  • Entering into Residential Treatment Deserves Privacy and Complete Discretion
    Being away from the daily hustle and bustle is a tremendous benefit of starting recovery in Murrieta. Being able to take comfort in the fact that your loved one is away from prying eyes and unnecessary social interactions is amazing, as well. The privacy and seclusion of Ranch Creek Recovery ensures your loved one avoids needless distractions while in treatment.
  • Experience the Wonders of the Ocean
    Being this close to the Pacific Ocean offers unique opportunities while in treatment. From whale watching to horseback riding on the beach, the unique experiences your loved one can have close to Murrieta are second to none.

Murrieta, CA Offers Your Loved One Healing

Murrieta is nestled in a scenic valley between the San Jacinto Mountains and the Southern California coast, offering everything your loved one needs to fully benefit from their time in treatment. From hiking to camping to fishing and boating, Murrieta and the surrounding valley offers a wide variety of activities to promote healing and self-discovery.

Some of the options that would be available to your loved one include:

  • Relaxing in Copper Canyon Park – Copper Canyon Park is one of the best outdoor areas in all of Murrieta. The park is covered in open grassy knolls that are perfect for sunbathing or relaxing, and there are also picnic tables where you can stop for a bite to eat and take in the views. There are trails that run all over the park for walking and biking, allowing your loved one to choose which terrain suits their mood.
  • Hiking San Jancinto – Located about 60 miles northeast of Murrieta, San Jacinto State Park offers a bit of everything for an outdoor enthusiast. Mount San Jacinto stands at 10,834 feet above sea level, making it the second highest peak in the state. Beautiful granite peaks and spectacular mountain meadows await anyone who ventures into this amazing high-country wilderness.
  • Visiting Tenaja Falls – As one of the most dramatic natural phenomena in the area, Tenaja Falls is a five-tiered waterfall that has a drop of over 150 feet, leading to a spectacular experience for those who make the trip here. If your loved one is here in the winter months, the falls are more full than other times of the year, and people have described the sound of the water hitting the rocks as a special kind of naturally occurring music.

Life-Changing, Holistic Addiction Treatment Can be Found at Ranch Creek Recovery

Spectacular views and breathtaking scenery aside, the benefits of your loved one beginning their recovery journey at Ranch Creek Recovery cannot be overstated. From the individualized clinical care to the six-patient-limit we maintain, our personalized approach to residential treatment is life-changing.

In addition, we offer your loved one medical attention around the clock, as well as one-on-one counseling to provide for their individual needs throughout rehab. You can help make their time in residential care as meaningful as possible by researching the benefits of addiction treatment in Murrieta and Ranch Creek Recovery with them.

After all, they deserve the best treatment available, and at Ranch Creek Recovery, that’s exactly what they will receive. Learn more about our detox and addiction treatment programs, or have your loved one contact us today so they can start their journey toward detox and recovery.

Have questions? We’re here to help in any way we can. Contact us today.