People who are suffering from substance abuse disorder, especially those who have been addicted for a long time, need professional inpatient drug addiction treatment so that they can receive the most suitable care while getting them out of an environment that enabled their addiction in the first place.

While there are many drug rehab facilities in the country, not all of them are created equal. At the end of the day, if a recovering addict will have to choose which from among the many types of addiction treatment centers he will enter, his best bet will always be choosing a rehab center with outstanding features such as the following:

Individualized Care

Unlike ordinary drug rehab facilities with a great discrepancy in terms of staff-to-patient-ratio (there are far too many patients for a single addiction counselor or specialist to handle), clients in the best rehab centers receive highly individualized care. At Ranch Creek, we only take in a few clients at a time, often 6 or less. This means that the addiction treatment team can better focus, monitor and address the recovery needs of the patient assigned to their care.

Clients inside our treatment facility do not have to wait or schedule an appointment with their counselor or therapist because all the members of the rehab team are always available to provide support, any time of the day and any day of the week.

Highly Personalized Treatment

Reputable rehab centers acknowledge the fact that no single addiction treatment is appropriate for all recovering addicts. Instead of offering the common 12-step method to all their clients with substance abuse problem, across the board and regardless of addiction level and condition, Ranch Creek Recovery’s treatment facilities provide a non-12-step, highly personalized approach to recovery. This means that every single treatment plan is tailored-fitted to the recovery requirements of each client.

Integrated Treatment

The treatment program also uses integrated treatment methods, or a combination of traditional as well as holistic and experiential approaches. Applying an integrated treatment strategy will ensure that every single facet of the person (physical, mental, psychological) are taken into consideration to increase the likelihood of successful recovery.

Hotel-Like Amenities

Unlike ordinary rehab centers where patients truly feel like they are patients because of a hospital-like environment, our drug rehab centers offer the best amenities and accommodations possible. Ranch Creek’s facilities are also located in an area with a scenic view so that the clients will be more relaxed and more focused on getting better.

Utmost Privacy

While the public is generally more accepting of people with addiction problems, there is still a stigma that comes with being an “addict”, which is why most clients prefer their rehab stint would be kept highly confidential. Reputable addiction treatment centers work on ensuring the privacy of all their clients.

The signs or qualities of a high-quality rehab center described above are things that even well-known but ordinary rehab centers cannot provide altogether. If you are looking for a drug treatment facility wherein you can experience all the above-mentioned features, it is best that you consider entering Ranch Creek Recovery instead of a public or ordinary facility. Contact our admissions team to get started today.