Why Choose Addiction Rehab in California?

When going through rehab, you should think of it as a permanent vacation from your old life and the beginning of a healthy new one. Ranch Creek Recovery is located in Murrieta, CA and offers a private treatment environment for those who are looking to live a substance-free life. Traveling out-of-state to our rehab center allows you to remove yourself from negative triggers and explore the sunshine and culture of California.

Why Should I Consider Private Drug Rehab at Ranch Creek?

There is No 12-Step Addiction Treatment Program

Here at Ranch Creek Recovery, we don’t believe there is only one approach to treating addiction. Instead, our program is designed to fit your unique needs. You will sit down with our experts to create an individual treatment plan and establish goals for recovery. We also offer dual-diagnosis screenings to help target and treat other mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. you may be struggling with.

Grow Beyond Addiction

We seek to help you grow and recover as an individual at Ranch Creek Recovery. Our medical experts take a holistic approach that includes yoga, exercise, meditation, and equine-assisted therapy to help you physically and mentally. You will be able to meet new people, discover new hobbies, and spiritually grow through our program.

There’s Lots to See in Murrieta, CA

Come explore the fresh air and natural beauty of Murrieta, CA by exploring over 1,350 acres of trails, open spaces, and parks. We’re close enough where you can visit the Tenaja Falls or hike at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. You’ll never be bored at Ranch Creek Recovery with the ability to explore California’s natural beauty.

“It really was one of the best experiences of my life. The people I met, the talks we had in group and outside of group, the coping skills I learned in group and the individuals I had with the counselors all helped me so much. I feel that I learned everything I will need to help me with my recovery. I really don’t think that there is a better program out there.”
– Kyle

Why Should I Choose Private Drug Rehab?

You Can Escape Negative Influences and Triggers

One reason you should consider travelling to California from your home in Florida is to escape any triggers that may have led to your addiction in the first place. You will get a chance to clear your mind and meditate upon your problems. You will also be able to avoid any influences that may tempt you on your journey to sobriety and learn to dissociate from them. Your treatment program should be one of your most important and life-changing experiences. By removing everyday distractions and stressors, we will help you fulfill your dream of a healthier drug-free life.

Start Your Journey to Recovery in a New Environment

When you move out-of-state you will get the chance to be who you want to become. No one will judge you, and our team will work with you to reach your goals. You can focus your energy on recovering and find who you are again. Out-of-state rehab is also private and confidential, meaning you can receive treatment without worrying what your friends or family will think.

There are Health Benefits to Travelling

It is proven that there are many psychological benefits when travelling to another place. You will find a new perspective on life, learn about a new culture, improve your emotional stability and mental state, and relieve the stresses from your everyday life.

Make Ranch Creek Recovery Your New Home

Are you or a loved one ready to overcome alcohol or drug addiction once and for all? Our private rehab center in Murrieta, CA is the perfect place for out-of-state treatment and recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs and how we can help you break free from addiction.