Exercise in Substance Abuse Treatment

Exercise in Substance Abuse TreatmentExercise is beneficial when struggling with addiction for a number of reasons including Providing Structure, Creating a Positive Attitude, Healing the Body and Brain and possibly creating a new set of friends. People who regularly exercise experience improved cardiovascular health, improved sense of well being, and higher self esteem.

Those who suffer from addiction often experience depression and in turn take medication to feel better. Exercising regularly can eliminate depression without prescribed medicine. Feel good endorphins are released which increase positivity and in turn helps to stay abstinent.

By filling your day with a structured schedule which includes exercise, you are eliminating the time you would have normally used to fill your day with negative habits such as relapse. Keeping busy with positive habits will help you to think less of your addiction and think more about how good you feel in the present moment.

Ranch Creek Recovery provides rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction that incorporate exercise and healthy physical activities into the programming. Call Admission to learn more and check availability.