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Chemical dependency is a primary disease; it is a compulsive or chronic active addiction to alcohol or drugs.

There are specific symptoms not to be confused with mental, emotional and physical stress.

It is progressive and if left untreated, the symptoms of the disease escalate.

Chemical dependency has a high recidivism rate.

Like many other diseases, the symptoms of chemical dependency can be stopped, but without significant lifestyle changes and continued maintenance, the symptoms will appear again.

Chemical dependency can be fatal involving accidental overdoses.


There could be a decline in physical health and weight changes due to mind and mood altering drugs.

Physical pupils dilate or constrict; face flush or bloating occurs.

Overdose ends up in emergency room visits.

Keeping on track in conversation may be difficult due to inability to focus.

Some of the effects of chemical dependency are shakiness, tremors, slurred speech, unsteady gait, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Treatment for Chemical Dependency:

At our private drug rehab, we pride ourselves in a highly qualified staff and treatment program specializing in individual care. Our small intimate groups provide quality education and information. We are dedicated to a progressive approach in the recovery process and we follow a Bio Psycho Social Model proven to be very effective in recovery. During your initial intake, a program will be designed to fit your individual needs. Our holistic, non 12 step program is designed to get to the root of your addiction and address any underlying issues which may have led to it.