Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

A Different Take On Drug and Alcohol RehabAs drug and alcohol use have continued to rise over the past 30 years, more and more people are in need of quality drug and alcohol treatment. However, many of the resultant drug and alcohol treatment centers employ a “one-size-fits-all” methodology, often based on the well-known 12 Step program, and treat patients in a large hospital-like center.

The Ranch Creek Recovery drug addiction treatment center is different. We Never Have More Than 6 Clients!

By design, our luxurious drug rehab center never houses more than six patients at any one time. This allows our experienced staff to provide unparalleled personal attention to each of our clients. This includes various non-traditional drug addiction treatment methods such as equine-assisted therapy and amino acid detox therapy.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Ranch Creek

Drug abuse, of both illegal and prescription drugs, is a rising threat in the United States and internationally. With awareness of the opiate crisis increasing, more and more drug and alcohol treatment centers are available. Ranch Creek is proud to stand apart from the rest by allowing our patients to help devise and plan their own treatment programs, based on their needs and personal comfort levels.

Because the 12 Step program is not for everyone, at Ranch Creek we offer various holistic and experiential therapies in addition to more traditional talk therapy and medical techniques to promote sobriety. And because we know that addiction can’t be magically cured after a 30-day program, our aftercare and alumni programs allow our patients to continue working with us and working the program after discharge.

Alcoholism Treatment Program at Ranch Creek

In many cases, alcoholism treatment presents different challenges from treatment for drugs. Because of its legal status and social acceptability, alcoholics face temptation to drink even within the circles of family and friends, prompting the need for dedicated aftercare and support groups.

Alcohol rehab centers are also essential for the initial detox and withdrawal management process; withdrawal from alcohol is unpleasant. Of course, withdrawal from any drug is unpleasant, but alcohol withdrawal can result in seizures, hallucinations, and in extreme cases, death. For this reason, medically supervised alcohol detox is a must.

The Ranch Creek alcohol treatment center provides detox and further treatment in a luxurious setting, and our small number of patients ensures personalized and long-lasting care.

No More Waiting

Because our program has a six client maximum, we are able to provide each of our clients individualized care and 24/7 support. Our patients’ needs come first – always.

We Help You Coordinate Travel and Get Here Fast

We help remove any barriers you may have getting to treatment. We will guide you from the first phone call and help you arrive to treatment with us safely.

We Accept Most Private PPO Plans

We are proud to accept most major private PPO and some HMO insurance plans. Unfortunately, we can’t accept state or government insurance such as Medi-Cal or Medicaid. Private pay plans and financing available for those who do not have insurance.

Holistic and Experiential Therapies

At Ranch Creek Recovery, a central aspect of our dedication to providing a different take on drug and alcohol treatment is the inclusion of holistic and experiential therapies. These programs permit our clients to grow emotionally, gain serenity, and learn skills to cope with life after rehab. Our holistic therapies include:

Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Amino Acids Therapy, Gardening, Exercise, Outdoor Activities

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