San Diego Drug Rehab: More College Students are Misusing ADHD Drugs

Getting through college is no easy feat considering the pressure involved. While some resort to safe measures to help them stay focused and alert, a rising number of students opt to take stimulant medications that are prescribed for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In fact, 17 percent, or one in six college students have admitted to misusing ADHD drugs, which may pose health problems in the future unless a San Diego drug rehab center can intervene.

Taking Drugs

Why Students Misuse ADHD Drugs

Among the medications commonly misused by college students are Ritalin and Adderall, and one of the prevalent reasons why they are taking these drugs is to improve their academic performance. There has been a growing belief that ADHD medications could improve one’s ability to learn, given that ADHD patients are being prescribed these drugs to help them stay calm and focus. These medications are commonly misused by college students juggling a busy schedule.

ADHD drug misuse, however, isn’t limited to improving a student’s academic performance. It has also been found that these stimulant medications are being used recreationally, though these are only used less frequently. Those who do misuse these medications aim to drink more alcohol, since these could prolong the amount of time someone can drink.

Why It’s Dangerous

ADHD medications, like Ritalin and Adderall, are classified as Schedule II controlled substances, putting them in the same bracket as cocaine and methamphetamine. For starters, these drugs can impact a person’s health, from small side effects like nausea, headaches and stomach aches to more serious health complications like high blood pressure and seizures. Moreover, these medications are aimed to balance the neurotransmitters of a patient with ADHD, and their effects could do something different to a healthy brain.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, meanwhile, lists down more adverse effects caused by the misuse of these prescriptions, including malnutrition, an extreme feeling of hostility and paranoia, and, in some circumstances, can even cause serious cardiovascular problems like stroke. Moreover, there hasn’t been a study that concretized others’ belief that ADHD medications could improve one’s learning or thinking ability.

There’s no harm in looking for ways to improve your grades, yet there are other ways to do so without submitting yourself to drug abuse. You can seek help from a trusted San Diego drug rehab center like Ranch Creek Recovery to turn things around and get you back on track.

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