Riverside Treatment Center: Help with Substance Abuse for Employees

Drinking alcohol can be a way to pass the time with friends, although your employer will not take too kindly when the effects of one drink too many are felt in the workplace. At worst, you could be dismissed, but some employers charitably allow you the time off to let you undergo rehab. People magazine writer Emily Strohm said, making the decision to check one’s self into rehab is the challenge expected of someone like Elizabeth Vargas, co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20, who was in denial at first, but eventually sought treatment twice for alcohol addiction.

Professional issues involving alcohol is tricky terrain among California’s employers. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act guide employers to allow alcohol-stricken employees to seek treatment as long as they show willingness to fix themselves. If you have a loved one who seems ready to firmly shake off alcohol issues and get back to work, have him or her admitted at a credible Riverside treatment center like Ranch Creek Recovery.

Drinking Beer

How Did it Happen?

A look into the root causes of alcohol abuse can be found in the past. Vargas admitted in an interview with Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos that drinking wine was her solution to fight off panic attacks that have persisted since childhood. The stress of the job also made her drink: a drinking session would have her down three or four glasses, which she found hard to conceal from everyone, even her family.

Staying Over

The severity of the drinking problem may result in a patient being asked to stay at the center for a period between 30 to 90 days. Vargas’ original stay-in at her preferred rehab center back in November 2013 lasted a month, and the second ran from August to October 2014.

Stopping a Relapse

The treatment plan that will be designed for you will be according to your consultation data, and will include activities you can do in your free time during your recovery period to help you slowly wrest control for yourself. This will work for people seeking drug rehab in Riverside, CA at a place like Ranch Creek Recovery, with its in-house activities, such as massage and yoga sessions, to keep you occupied. Vargas says that whenever she got close to drinking again, she willed herself to do yoga or call a friend.

Vargas admits alcoholism is a “disease” of sorts, and it can also affect you and your loved ones. When you place yourself in the hands of people who understand the triggers of alcohol addiction, you can be helped to find the power within yourself to win ultimately the battle over the bottle. Call a rehab counselor today.

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