Ranch Creek Recovery: Four Great Ways to Keep in Touch with Us

Ranch Creek Recovery is a rehabilitation facility that’s fully committed to the treatment and care of individuals suffering from different types of addiction and mental disorders.  Our purpose goes beyond helping patients get sober and educating them about their addiction or illness’s negative effects.

We are fully invested in our patients.  That’s why your experience with us won’t end when you leave our facility.  After completing our program, we want to stay in touch with you so we can provide continuing care for both you and your family members.

Like us on Facebook

We are thrilled with how our Facebook page allows us to communicate better with you. We know that access to current information is important to you, that’s why we designed the regular updates we post on our Facebook page to keep you ‘in the know.’

By ‘Liking’ our Facebook page, you’ll gain access to all our postings and have the ability to respond to them. Feel free to share any post you find helpful with your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors.

Like us here – https://www.facebook.com/RanchCreekRecovery

Follow us on Twitter

Our Twitter account gives us the opportunity to share current news, events, and important information with you. As a current or potential patient, following us on Twitter will also give you the chance to learn more about us, what we do, and how involved we are with the community we belong to. Follow us on Twitter and join in on the conversations we initiate.

Follow us here – https://twitter.com/ranchcreek

We are also on LinkedIn and Google Plus

You can connect and communicate with us on these social sites as well. Just like our Facebook and Twitter pages, our presence on LinkedIn and Google Plus gives us the opportunity to keep up to date with you.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/ranch-creek-recovery/98/700/a23

Google Plus  – https://plus.google.com/+Ranchcreekrecovery/posts

The medical professionals, counselors, and staff at Ranch Creek Recovery look forward to continually growing with you and educating you further using our social online spaces. We hope to hear from you soon.

If you want to speak directly to one of our people, please contact our facility via our phone number (1-951-602-5676) and email (info@261.e26.myftpupload.com). Rest assured that we operate with utmost discretion and confidentiality to ensure your privacy.