Heroin addiction has taken your life away from you—robbed you blind.  No longer do you feel like a member of society at large.  Instead, the insidious nature of opiate addiction has reduced your world to the never-ending cycle of obsessing over the drug, seeking the drug, securing the drug, and using the drug—while committing all manner of unethical acts in perpetuating the cycle.  

When the time comes to finally, once and for all, put an end to the madness of addiction, suddenly a wave of panic may wash over you.  Withdrawal from heroin is a nasty process; it is a highly uncomfortable and painful prelude to the prize of living clean and sober.  To get from the withdrawal phase to the detox and treatment phase does take some guts.  Some opt to exchange one drug (heroin) for another (Suboxone) in the quest to leapfrog over the misery of heroin withdrawal symptoms, but there is another way.  Consider the holistic, non-medical approach to detox and withdrawal at the Ranch Creek Recovery Treatment Center.

Holistic, Non-Medical Opiate Detox in San Diego

A non-medical detox offers an alternative to the medical detox that uses addictive drugs, such as Suboxone, in the detox and withdrawal process.  Suboxone stops opiates from adhering to the brain’s opioid receptors, blocking the euphoric feeling from being experienced.  The problem is, Suboxone is highly addictive, with drug dependency resulting after only a few days of use.  In essence, medical detox replaces one addiction with another.

Holistic, non-medical detox provides a safe, supervised detox and withdrawal environment and uses non-habit forming medications to manage the temporary physical discomforts associated with opiate detox.  For example, over-the-counter medications can provide relief for nausea, diarrhea, muscle cramping, and headaches that accompany withdrawal from heroin—the worst of these symptoms occurring 2-3 days after the last dosing of the drug.  These effects can range from mild to severe, so it is crucial that symptoms are managed in order to reduce the risk of relapse.  

Holistic withdrawal and detox in San Diego address the difficult symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and agitation by providing therapeutic activities that help calm the emotions.  These holistic and experiential therapies include yoga and meditation, acupuncture, art and music therapy, massage, outdoor exercise, and amino acid therapy.

Amino Acid Therapy in San Diego

Proteins play an important role in not only building muscle, but in enhancing brain health.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and act as precursors to the production of serotonin, the brain chemical that acts like a natural anti-depressant.  Because depression is often experienced during opiate detox and withdrawal and the early days of recovery, amino acids play a crucial role in helping to improve mood.

Using amino acid supplementation during treatment helps provide a natural anti-depressant instead of prescription antidepressants.  Amino acid supplements are most beneficial to aiding in depression if taken between meals when it is most available to the body for neurotransmitter production.  Amino acid therapy, used in conjunction with other holistic therapies, can assist in alleviating many of the discomforts associated with heroin detox and treatment methods.

Ranch Creek Recovery Offers Holistic Opiate Detox in San Diego

A peaceful and natural setting provides the backdrop for wellness and healing during treatment for heroin dependency.  Ranch Creek Recovery is located in a private estate nestled in the beautiful hills of Temecula, California.  RCR offers the premier holistic opiate detox program in San Diego, with a skilled and compassionate team of doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists guiding and supervising the recovery process.  Specializing in non-medical opiate detox and withdrawal practices, Ranch Creek Recovery in San Diego eliminates the need for pharmaceuticals and replaces them with alternative therapies that enhance brain health restoration and emotional wellness.  
Co-occurring mental health disorders are treated as well, through weekly dual diagnosis therapy groups that teach new coping skills and impulse control.  Additionally, weekly psychotherapy sessions and daily individual sessions help prepare the newly recovering individual for a new life without drugs.  For more information about the program, please call us today at (877) 997-8931.