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At-Home Alternatives for AA and SMART Recovery

Being able to interact face-to-face during the recovery process has been the standard for as far back as most can remember. But times have changed, and the necessity to evolve with social adjustments is now more important than ever.

Finding alternative methods of interacting while social distancing may seem foreign to some, but it has quickly become the new norm. For anyone living with a substance use disorder, supporting your recovery through video meetings and other virtual-based interactive tools is essential to not only avoiding an unforeseen relapse, but also maintaining the progress you’ve made so far.

Learning to navigate this new landscape of alternative treatment options can take some getting used to, but making that initial effort is the best way to stay the course and continue improving your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Forge Ahead in Recovery Online with Virtual Recovery Meetings

The pandemic has done more than inflict sickness on the world. It has forced everyone to isolate themselves and avoid the people and places they knew best. For someone in recovery, this social distancing has forced a level of seclusion that can leave you feeling alone and potentially abandoned.

That is why finding support and camaraderie, even if it is virtually, is so important to maintaining all the progress you’ve made throughout your recovery journey. It also allows you to continue connecting with people who can encourage and support you to keep your focus and motivation during difficult times.

Online Recovery Meetings for AA and SMART Recovery

Finding the right at-home recovery option for yourself requires a bit of research. From SMART group settings to individual counseling, the available virtual-based treatment options offer varying degrees of clinical guidance and support.

Knowing what you need and the type of treatment you respond best to allows you to make an informed decision and continue making progress even if you’re social distancing from those around you.

Video sessions
This emerging treatment option allows those in recovery to interact face-to face in both individual and group settings. By offering people a way to communicate and receive therapeutic guidance from the safety of their homes, this treatment option has become a popular route for many during the stay-at-home orders taking place around the country.

Video-base treatment allows individuals to connect in group settings, as well as, individual counseling sessions, enabling you to choose which therapeutic approach you prefer to help you stay focused and sober during times of social distancing.

Secure phone line
This old-school method of communication has seen a resurgence during the pandemic due to its wide availability and the fact that it does not take any technical savvy to achieve.

While some people prefer the previously mentioned face-to-face option, therapeutic services provided over the phone allow people to connect with minimal setup, ensuring consistent lines of communication and minimal setback due to technical difficulties.

App-based therapy
The boom of the digital age has ushered in therapeutic options fully rooted in technology. App-based treatment asks you to download a specific application to your phone or computer in order to interact with your treatment provider.

These platforms offer treatment planning options, video and phone-based treatment sessions, group meetings and much more. While not every individual will be comfortable going this route, these mobile alternatives are growing in popularity around the country.

Where to Find Recovery Groups Online

Finding the right recovery group or treatment options online takes a bit of effort. There are so many choices available that reaching out to other people you know for recommendations and speaking to your current therapy provider is an essential first step.

This helps narrow down your search and points you in the direction of viable treatment options that are clinically sound and shown to be effective. Additional options include google searches and online reviews written by people who have gone through the program and posted their experiences.

While these routes can be helpful, being able to consult with people and treatment providers you know has the added benefit of being a bit more personalized.

Regardless of which choice you make, it is good to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to virtual-based treatment (or any treatment for that matter). You have to find a program that suits your needs and helps you grow as an individual, while also making consistent progress on your recovery journey.

If you start a program and simply do not feel comfortable, you can always find another. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends to help you look for potential treatment programs, and keep in mind that some of the best options may require you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to see the world from a different perspective.

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