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Is Alcohol Making My Loved One Depressed

Watching a loved one battle alcohol addiction can make you feel powerless to intercede. The reasons behind their addiction may vary from personal stressors to inherited genetic predispositions to environmental factors, but the pain of watching them struggle with their substance use disorder is all the same. Trying to reach someone who is lost within […]

Mixing Oxycodone and Alcohol

Relaxing, destressing and completely turning off reality for a short time is a desire of almost every adult. Reaching a calm, unplugged state of mind as often as possible is also a necessity to truly decompress from challenges and stressors. Understandably, tranquil feelings can be hard to reach when emotions and anxiety reach consistent, overwhelming […]

How Addictive is Meth?

The mental and physical damage that ensues because of a crystal meth addiction is supremely destructive. Having gained notoriety following the popularity of shows such as Breaking Bad and Southern Justice, the true effects of the drug have been gravely misrepresented to gain viewership and sensationalize the manufacturing of the substance. In reality, crystal meth […]

How to Balance Your Career with Outpatient Treatment

Living the life of a functioning addict is no easy task. Managing the compulsions associated with your addiction, while also maintaining gainful employment and accomplishing social obligations is akin to juggling multiple flaming swords: It’s impossible to sustain. Making the decision to enter a rehabilitation program to address your substance use disorder is not only […]

Medications Used to Treat Alcoholism

You’ve decided it’s time to finally stop drinking and become serious about overcoming your addiction. As you’ll probably find, there are numerous methods out there to help people conquer and cope throughout the healing process. You may have started to read about different rehab programs and their treatment methods. While it can be an overwhelming […]

Top Benefits of Joining Alcoholics Anonymous

How many times have you felt hopeless, lost or defeated? Like a person wandering the desert with no specific course and a dwindling water supply. As an alcoholic, you want to move toward sobriety, but temptations always seem to set you back no matter how hard you try to fight the cravings. Living with an […]