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How to Keep Thanksgiving a Stress-Free Holiday for a Recovering Addict

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for moving a little slower, being more present with family, friends (and even strangers), attending a plethora of gatherings, expressing your utmost gratitude, and – of course – raising a glass to the many blessings of life. For a recovering addict, however, these moments and feelings of tradition […]

What If I Don’t Have Insurance for Rehab?

Enough is enough. You’ve declared you’re done with the devastating hangovers, the feelings of embarrassment and shame, and the highs that never last long enough and always send you plummeting for the ground. You’re done trying to pick up the pieces of a life attached to an addiction. It’s time to get clean. It’s time […]

How Do I Know If My Loved One is Addicted to Meth?

The act of Googling, “What are meth addiction signs?” probably has you feeling sick to your stomach, sending an all-consuming wave of nausea through your body. The disease of addiction is a cold-hearted monster that destroys goals and dreams, tears apart families, and fundamentally changes the physical and chemical makeup of an addict’s mind and […]

How Addictive is Heroin?

Have you ever experienced the pull of the ocean tide? Its strength and persistence is deceiving, causing the most skilled swimmers to underestimate its overpowering grip that can result in a suffocating pull, and sometimes even death. For those who have felt its power, they are left with the haunting memory of how helpless they […]

How Addiction is Treated with DBT

Dealing with a substance use disorder can leave you feeling lost, overwhelmed, and alone. The number of therapeutic interventions available to a struggling addict are countless, so who’s to say which one will work best for you? Figuring out where to turn to receive the most effective treatment option that will address your addiction while […]

Benefits of Yoga in Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Picture this: You’re deep in the trenches of despair as an addict. You not only battle with a suffocating substance use problem, but you also contend with depression – or another mental health issue – and have a heart-wrenching cynical outlook on life. One day, a tidal wave of perspective and reality crashes on top […]

Can Alcoholism Lead to Heart Attacks?

Have you ever counted the advertisements you see every day for alcohol? They are literally everywhere, and they are always depicting individuals from every walk of life drinking alcoholic beverages without a care in the world. Whether the advertisement is taking place somewhere on an island in paradise or at a person’s backyard barbeque, the […]