A Closer Look at Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acids are the primary structures responsible for the body’s production of proteins. These proteins are responsible for the makeup of our cells as well as their function, so without the correct levels of amino acids, we can become sick, and in some cases, die.

Usually, amino acid levels are maintained through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. However, diseases such as depression or addiction alter the brains chemistry and make it difficult to maintain the correct levels of amino acids. Often, the side effects of addiction, such as depression, insomnia and anxiety are treated through pharmaceutical drugs, and the prescription itself continues to change the user’s brain chemistry. While certain prescription treatments have proven to be very effective, continued medication consumption can halt the body’s ability to successfully produce and utilize neurotransmitters. In order to fix this problem the patient might require a concentrated supplement of amino acid precursors to achieve proper levels of circulation—this is Amino Acid Therapy.

The approach of amino acid therapy attempts to adjust the problem at its source without compounding the effects of chemicals on the brain. By regimenting amino acid supplements and emphasizing the body’s natural ability to utilize them through IV nutrition, adrenal support and exercise, individuals are no longer just suppressing symptoms; they are actively getting rid of them.

The problems that are associated with unbalanced amino acid levels cannot be fixed overnight, and it requires experienced healthcare and science professionals to evaluate each particular patient. Usually, depending on the extent of substance abuse and the time frame, vitamin and mineral imbalances caused by poor absorption of nutrients cause issues with the body’s natural ability to form neurotransmitters. By supplementing certain amino acids in conjunction with vitamins, minerals, and coenzymes, neurotransmitters can be successfully reestablished, hopefully eliminating the side effects of withdrawal.

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