Luxury Drug Rehab

Benefits of a Small and Private Luxury Drug Rehab

Addiction Treatment in the Lap of Luxury Drug Rehab

Nestled among the gentle rolling hills above Temecula, California, and cradled in the safe cocoon of a beautiful and inviting private residence, one might forget the reason for their stay. Ranch Creek Recovery, a specialized luxury drug rehab, offers luxurious accommodations, with amenities like those found at high-end resorts, in an intimate, family-like environment.

Ranch Creek Recovery believes that an individual who has made the decision to lead a clean and sober life will benefit from a recovery program that treats the whole person. The important creature comforts that can make a stay more enjoyable, combined with a peaceful and serene setting, come together to enhance the treatment process. Additionally, a wide array of holistic therapeutic options available ensures that all aspects of the individual—the physical, mental, and spiritual realms—are being cared for.

How is Luxury Drug Rehab Different?

The advantages of a small and private luxury rehab environment are many. Not only is the upscale living space uplifting, but the higher standard of care combined with a small, intimate client base allows for Ranch Creek Recovery’s compassionate team of recovery professionals to address each individual as a unique person, tailoring the addiction treatment program to meet their specific needs.

Someone who has made the life-changing commitment to get sober and to lead a life free from alcohol and drugs is often plagued with anxiety—even ambiguity—over this decision. A crowded, institutional-feeling rehab environment can exacerbate those uncomfortable emotions that many experience at the outset of addiction treatment. The one-size-fits-all treatment programs don’t address the special nuances that exist among clients, leaving some to feel either excluded or disengaged.

The benefits of a small-scale, private rehab program that offers quality accommodations and a high level of care include:

• A family-like, compassionate atmosphere
• A sense of safety and security
• An individualized recovery plan
• A wide array of holistic therapies
• An emphasis on self-empowerment
• An emphasis on improving physical and emotional health

Amenities Offered at Ranch Creek Recovery

Ranch Creek Recovery is a residential addiction luxury drug rehab that is located on a gorgeous private estate in a beautiful hillside setting. The bedrooms are exquisitely appointed, and include shared or private accommodations. The estate features high-end upgrades throughout, with a serene backyard oasis that fosters rest and relaxation. View Photo Tour of Ranch Creek Recovery: Click Here

Holistic and experiential therapeutic options have been found to enhance the recovery process and promote self-discovery. Ranch Creek Recovery offers:

• Garden therapy
• Yoga
• Acupuncture
• Meditation
• Equine therapy
• Therapeutic massage
• Sound healing
• Exercise
• Amino acids

Individualized Care at a Small Private Luxury Rehab

Because our program is client-centered, each individual’s recovery path may be unique and will evolve over time. Our counselors can adjust and refine the program to meet the clients where they are, and guide them toward where they want to go. We have a high staff-to-client ratio, allowing for the attention that we believe each client deserves.

Because some clients might prefer a traditional 12-step program and others might feel more comfortable in a non 12-step rehab, we provide both options for our clientele. Each client’s addiction story is unique, with differing factors that led to a drug or alcohol dependency. We believe that those differences should be respected. Each client will find a compassionate and therapeutic environment at RCR that allows for various paths to recovery.

Ranch Creek Recovery for Individualized Luxury Drug Rehab

Our treatment professionals view themselves as partners, willing to walk the recovery path alongside our clients. If you or a loved one would benefit from a small, intimate addiction treatment program surrounded by natural beauty and a caring atmosphere, then RCR is for you. Contact us today for a free, confidential assessment at (877) 997-8931. We look forward to answering all your questions about our specialized program.

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