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Dealing With the Stigma Surrounding Alcoholism

The biggest obstacle to people with alcoholism getting the treatment they need is the social stigma surrounding the disease. According to research, nine out of ten people with addiction issues reported experiencing discrimination at some point in their lives and although our understanding of the disease is greater these days, many people still cling to […]

Debunking the Taboos of Drug & Alcohol Addiction

There is considerable social stigma surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, despite our greater understanding of it being a disease that can be treated. Unfortunately, for some people in great need of drug addiction treatment, they feel the taboos of addiction are such that they risk harsh judgment from others if they are seen to be […]

Demystifying Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

Many people put off checking themselves into detox treatment centers, mainly because of their fears about the withdrawal symptoms they may face. There are numerous misconceptions about detox and it is also misrepresented by the media to appear as one of the most torturous experiences imaginable. The fact is, however, that a detox program in […]

How Equine Therapy Assists Addiction Treatment

There are many ways of treating someone with an addiction to help them rehabilitate from substance abuse, including both medical and alternative treatments. Everyone responds to drug and alcohol treatment differently and so it’s always important to find the best therapies for each individual concerned. Equine therapy offers patients an alternative route for drug and […]

How Can Equine Therapy Benefit Those in Rehab?

Animals have been used for many years to assist people who are in therapy or in some type of recovery program. One of the most popular animals used by alcohol and drug treatment centers for this purpose are horses; their many outstanding qualities such as responsiveness, intellect, sensitivity, and strength are suitable for helping patients […]

7 Signs of a Quality Luxury Rehab Center

People who are suffering from substance abuse disorder, especially those who have been addicted for a long time, need professional inpatient drug addiction treatment so that they can receive the most suitable care while getting them out of an environment that enabled their addiction in the first place. While there are many drug rehab facilities […]

Find Out Where You Are Going Before Turning Back

Ranch Creek Recovery leaves all the options open to create an individualized pathway to recovery, leading from behind, gently moving their patients forward. Private Luxurious Setting Ranch Creek Recovery (RCR) operates a boutique Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, one patient at a time.  RCR boasts a non-12 step program based upon holistic and experiential therapies […]

Benefits of a Personalized Addiction Treatment Center

The first step towards getting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is searching for addiction treatment centers in your vicinity. If one is in California, different drug and alcohol treatment centers are depending on the level of care one needs. And although it can be a bit overwhelming, it is important that one finds a […]

Advantages of a Holistic Rehabilitation

“Addiction is a disease, but it’s the only disease you can be blamed for having.” – Mitch Hedberg Dealing with addiction is one of the hardest things in the world. An addiction never leaves your mind, never gives you a moment’s rest. You can manage to pull out of your habit, but the addiction never […]