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Dealing with Parental Guilt over Loved One’s Addiction

Parents with children suffering from addiction often wonder, “Am I to blame for my loved one’s addiction?” One of the most painful, trying challenges in life is enduring a child’s addiction. Instinctively, parents feel compelled to take responsibility for their child’s actions. It’s common for parents to embody their child’s issues and feel guilt, shame, […]

How to Talk About Painkiller Addiction with a Loved One

Painkiller addiction is never a one-size-fits-all situation, and it rarely ever starts intentionally. After all, the majority of initial painkiller exposures start with legitimate prescriptions from doctors. That’s why most people are unassuming at first to the signs of addiction. But when a loved one’s habits, actions, and demeanor change and become unexplainable, it’s time […]

Benefits of Private Rehab Centers in California

Increased Confidentiality at Private Rehab Centers One of the first things discovered in the initial stages of searching for a treatment program for a drug or alcohol addiction is the wide variety of treatment options available.  While this can be a bit overwhelming, it helps to narrow your search if you have a basic understanding […]

Luxury Rehab for Executives

High End Accommodations and Amenities More Options at a Luxury Rehab for Executives Men and women who strive for excellence in life are willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to succeed in their chose profession.  These driven individuals work harder than most, often logging an astounding number of hours, with a […]

Ranch Creek Recovery Guest Blog Featured on Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery Features Ranch Creek Recovery’s Guest Blog We are excited to share that Ranch Creek Recovery was a recent Guest Blogger on the Smart Recovery website. Smart Recovery founded addiction recovery support groups that are non 12 step based and are founded on scientifically researched treatment. Smart Recovery groups are offered world-wide free free […]