Massage in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Massage in Drug and Alcohol RehabDuring the early stages of recovery from addiction, often people are uncomfortable and experience a gap between their mind and body. Massage is very helpful during drug and alcohol withdrawal and detoxification.

Research has shown that massage in Drug and Alcohol Rehab has a number of positive physical benefits  including decreases pain, increases alertness, performance and enhances the immune response. Positive studies also document the ability of massage to decrease depression, agitation anxiety and cravings. A regular massage regimen produces long-term results of increasing dopamine levels and decreasing cortisol levels.

The ‘Pleasure Pathway ‘of the brain (mesolimbic reward system) is activated in part by release of the neurotransmitter dopamine; this is the chemical messenger responsible for making us feel good when we engage in any pleasurable activity. Dopamine is significantly involved in addiction. Dopamine levels are much lower during the withdrawal process and early recovery until the brain chemistry returns to normal. Regular massage produces long-term results of increasing dopamine levels.

When a substance is used to feel good, the body stops manufacturing endorphins, the “feel good” chemical, so the substance takes over that task. When the substance is no longer being used the person loses their source of feeling good. It takes time for the body to start manufacturing its own endorphins again and is why it is a vulnerable time to relapse. The body functions more efficiently with improved circulation.

Massage in The Recovery Process

Part of the recovery process is to identify and manage triggers that can lead to a relapse. Regular massage sessions can make the person aware of their body and be conscious of the patterns of tensions, cravings and stress. Relaxation is very valuable in recovery.

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