Private Rehab Centers in California

Benefits of Private Rehab Centers in California

Increased Confidentiality at Private Rehab Centers

One of the first things discovered in the initial stages of searching for a treatment program for a drug or alcohol addiction is the wide variety of treatment options available.  While this can be a bit overwhelming, it helps to narrow your search if you have a basic understanding of the different levels of care, from bare bones to luxurious.

Although sporting a higher price tag than many, the private rehab centers in California have many advantages over the larger scale facilities.  When considering all the various features that are important to you while in recovery, you may agree that the private rehab centers in California have the most to offer and can make a positive difference in your recovery experience.

What Private Rehab Centers in California Offer

Just being in California while undergoing treatment for a substance use disorder can enhance the experience.  Add to the great location the many perks and benefits found at private treatment centers, and you may agree that a private, small-scale treatment center is the preferred route to recovery.

Private rehabilitation facilities tend to offer a more intimate setting with a higher ratio of treatment professionals to client.  Having this higher level of care means stronger emotional support at every stage, from detox to treatment to aftercare.  Because of the smaller client population, treatment plans are more flexible and customizable.  Having the ability to tailor a treatment plan specifically to the needs of the client is a huge benefit of a private rehab setting.

Another important feature of a private rehab is the extra layer of security and anonymity provided.  For many, the assurance of privacy and discretion is a top priority when seeking treatment for addiction.

Amenities and Accommodations of a Private Rehab

While having a private room with high-end appointments may not be necessary in addiction treatment, it sure makes your stay more enjoyable.  Today’s luxury and private rehab centers in California offer amenities that resemble those of a premium resort and spa.

Luxurious bedding and linens, a gourmet chef, and spa amenities are common in this segment of the addiction treatment industry.  Many private rehabs offer daily housekeeping services, an attentive staff, and individualized care.  The majority of these luxury and premier rehab facilities are located in spectacular settings, such as in beautiful hillsides, beach, desert, or mountain locales.

Holistic Therapies Offered at a Private Rehab

One of the most sought after aspects of the luxury rehab is the menu of adjunct holistic therapies provided.  These activities promote relaxation, contemplation, and healing, so they are a perfect enhancement to the other therapeutic treatment elements.  For example, meditation, journaling, or art therapy may lead to deeper self-knowledge that culminates in a breakthrough in the psychotherapy session.  Learning relaxation techniques through these holistic therapeutic activities will help clients cope with stress better, reducing the risk of relapse.

Examples of these holistic therapies include:

Ranch Creek Recovery is a Private Rehab Center in California

With two locations offering inpatient and outpatient programs, Ranch Creek Recovery provides premium accommodations in Temecula and Murrieta, serving the needs of Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County.  RCR is a non 12-step, luxury holistic treatment program offering a wide variety of experiential therapies, organic meals, and a compassionate, committed staff.  For more information about our programs, please contact us today at (877) 997-8931.

Horse Whisperers: The Benefits of Equine Therapy

There are many alternative therapy options available to those seeking help, as the benefits of holistic treatment become increasingly apparent. Sometimes a traditional route towards recovery just doesn’t work, and in that case, there is a need for a more progressive style of rehabilitation. Of the various therapies we offer at Ranch Creek Recovery, one of the most interesting and well received programs has been equine therapy.

Equine therapy has been found to be an amazing tool in the process of recovery, and coupled with other forms of rehabilitation individuals have been able to rebuild themselves with a much greater sense of self-worth. Equine therapy utilizes horses to build metaphorical connections between the actions of the animal and the actions of the human participant. Horses are extremely complex animals, and they possess a unique ability to mirror the emotions of humans during interaction. This type of congruency promotes a connection between the individual and the horse, displaying how a calm and peaceful attitude will positively affect the animal, versus how a disgruntled or frustrated demeanor might upset it. Horses, like humans, do not respond positively to obtrusive commands or gestures, and one of the earliest lessons in any equine therapy involves identifying the proper ways to approach the animal and guide it. In this way, a relationship can be built between the patient and the horse and a feeling of trust can be secured.

Equine Therapy involves instruction in horse care, grooming procedures, saddlery, and basic equitation. Horses are large animals, and ensuring the safety of individuals is our highest priority. In concurrence, proper head protection and other gear is used to confirm everyone’s well-being. While equine therapy itself is fairly new in terms of being a psychoanalytic practice, horses have been used for hundreds of years for therapeutic purposes, and offer a strong sense of awareness that allows them to bond with humans. Students will eventually learn how to properly direct and interact with a horse, learning valuable lessons in areas like self-control, communication, confidence, personal worth and trust.

It’s important to note that while certain amounts of horse riding occurr during equine therapy, there is a very large difference between riding lessons and therapeutic equine sessions. The purpose of each session is to illuminate the power within you through interaction with the horse. This being said, it’s critical that equine therapy is directed by a certified professional to ensure the proper training and knowledge. Our staff of equine specialists is experienced and ready to begin a highly enjoyable program designed for your recovery.

At Ranch Creek Recovery, we are dedicated to your individual well-being. Our facility is a beautiful space to begin your equine therapy and we are excited to share the experience with you. So call our treatment facility today at (951) 676-9111.